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Deborah Stowers understands the hard task every business faces of trying to make it in a competitive atmosphere. Many small local business owners know they should have a website, and have put something on the website, but don’t know exactly how to use the Internet to their advantage in gaining new clients or business. Having a website is important for every business!  Local, small or even the giant ones!

Who Am I?

I am many things.  Like every small business owner I have met.  On the Engineering Page, you will find out that I have two degrees in engineering and am licensed engineer and certified floodplain manager.  I have spent many years working for different municipalities around Oklahoma.

Deb and Mav

Deb and Mav

On my business pages, you will see that I am a seasoned horse owner and rider.  I had marketed several different events and clubs before my ex-husband inherited the gun business.  One of the charity events had grown to a nationwide status before I had to step back into the parenting and business owner status.

I actively marketed the gun business in all the ways we discuss in the blog and have been exceedingly successful at promoting a business that is not easily on most social media venues.  My ex-husband’s gun business folded in January 2014 due to him not transferring the gun license to a new address. In September 2014, I started my own gun business, Stormy Orchid, LLC. Promoting a gun business on social media channels can be a challenge, but one well worth the effort.

How I Became An Expert…

I have successfully marketed for the past ten years in a part-time status.  First with several horse related ventures, and finally honing my skills by working the gun business.  I have seen any small businesses that could grow wonderfully with just a little help in setting up tools to market better.

I love helping people with their small local business marketing.  I have reasonable rates and am willing to work to set a system up that you can manage without spending lots of time and money.

Check It Out!

Check out the links page to see the other sites that I actively work on.  There are also links to my online partners. Click here to see my current rates. The links have many items that either helps with promoting your site or help you to learn how to promote your site. I understand your goal since it is my goal. I want my businesses to grow and become the best that they can be.

Hire Me!

I have officially launched my freelancing writing and web design business. If you need help with anything from building a site to writing for that site, please contact me. Check out the Work With Me page for current rates. Let me help your business grow.

Connect with me on social media. Check out all the links in the header above. Like my page on Facebook for great updates and motivational messages.  Follow me on Twitter! Sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter and get all the updates in one awesome newsletter format.

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