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As a small business owner, you know about the power of being online.  Having a presence on several different media provides different ways for your customers to find you. Listed below are many of the services I provide to small and local businesses. Please contact me today to schedule a time to discuss how best to set up your business. I like to leave you with a website or other online presence that you can update with ease to create your following.

Facebook Business Pages

Most folks these days are on Facebook and providing a Facebook Business Page is a great way to communicate with your customers.  Talk to your customers about how to “like” your page.  Post great deals or new items in stock and keep your customers up to date about what is happening in your business.  Creating a Facebook page for your business will cost $200 and I will show you how to update it.  We can arrange a monthly fee for updating a page.

Article Writing

I provide articles to small business owners who already have websites. This provides content for your site. And we all know that content is what drives your business.  You need to create a reason for the customer to spend money with you. I write articles in the business, engineering, horse and firearms related areas. Articles are $50 for 500 words. Other rates are available. Please contact me if you need something special.

Ebook Creation

Have you created some great content and want to make it into a report or book to give away or sell to your customers? It’s a great way to get new folks added to your list. I can help you create that book in PDF and Kindle formats.  Your book will be proofread and formatted for $100 per hour.

Site Building

I can build a site where you talk about your business. The best method of creating sites today is WordPress.  It is easy to set up and easier to maintain.  Posting articles or another information to the blog is a quick way to let folks know about sales or other events in your business.  Building you a WordPress site for your business will be $500. Anything besides the standard installation with four pages and a couple of posts will be billed at $100 per hour. I can help update sites that are not WordPress sites on a case by case basis and at the $100 per hour rate. The button is for the basic site.


Of course, any of this can be combined in a package containing site building, article writing, eBook creation, and social media presence all in one offer.  Just contact me for more information.  There are many other social media sites that can be added, as well as monthly maintenance. My going rate for hourly work is $100/hour.

If you would like to know more about our Engineering side, please check out our engineering site.

To Your Success
Deb Stowers
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