Who Wants To Color?

FabricDesignCarsAs we go through life, we sometimes forget to have some fun. I have met some wonderful folks through several entrepreneur groups that have put the fun back in life.  Check out these cool coloring books for grown-ups.

Don’t you remember as a kid the fun you had coloring and how everything was better if you could just escape into coloring? It turns out that coloring helps your brain. There are books for women and men. Simple books and harder ones.

I recently had a friend beat several different kind of cancers. She posted the very detailed drawings she was coloring every day on Facebook.  MegamuscleIt was great therapy for her to have a creative outlet to pour her heart into so she could heal.

It also turns out that by coloring a bit each day you help keep your brain younger and active. So if you get tired or reading or other activities that work your brain, why not try coloring.

Click on the pictures here and you visit Amazon to check out the great deals. The top two are on sale right now. And don’t forget to order some great colored pencils or markers to do you coloring.

If you have any questions or need other ideas or have ideas on how to keep your brain active, contact me!

To Your Success, 
Deb Stowers



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