Welcome 2017!

Are you ready for 2017? I am! This year was one for the record books and will soon be over.

I follow Jon Acuff, and he gave some great pointers on a year-end review and how to set some goals for the coming year. I had great success in the 30 Days of Hustle program that my new planner this year is the Commit30 Planner.

There are three questions to consider in a year-end review:

  1. What to start doing in 2017?
  2. What to stop doing in 2017?
  3. What to continue to do in 2017?

As part of this discussion, I will include the things from 2016 and how I did with each one.

What to start doing?

Last year I wanted to pitch more jobs. And on the fun side, I wanted to start riding again. Well, I still need to pitch jobs. I need to conquer the fear and just put myself out there. I have several opportunities in the coming year as well as building an engineering practice.  Pitching is required to get any freelance work. It’s time to jump in with both feet.

And I did start riding for a bit. I still need to find my horse to help with the riding goal. You can read more about my riding adventures on Sierra Ranch, LLC.

What to stop doing?

One word! Procrastinating! STILL! It has to stop for me to build my businesses into what I know they can be. I have taken some action in

How do you stop procrastinating? By taking action. I have done that in several different ways. One I have a barn manager at Seirra Ranch, LLC. She helps keep the ranch running, so I can focus on the other businesses. I am still working on how Stormy Orchid, LLC is going to grow. We had a conceal carry class at the ranch last summer and might include more of that if there is interest. I will keep writing and developing websites for local businesses as well as grow the engineering practice.

What to continue doing?

As with last year, I will continue to exercise every weekday morning. My new job has somewhat flexible hours so that I can continue to do this. I will also continue to count calories. I have a goal weight that I could like to reach by a certain time. It is achievable if I put in the work.

I have always been one that loved to learn. I know there is still much to learn about all my endeavors. I was told as a kid that if you learned something new every day you wouldn’t die. Learning new things in all my businesses will lead to new ventures in the future.

Stop wishing, start doing in 2017. The Commit30 Planner, Notebook, Journal – Order Now.

I am working on my calendar for the next year. Using the #Commit30 planner each month will have a goal. I will update you each month with my goal and if it was achieved. What are the three top things you will be working on to grow your business or yourself? Leave a comment or email me!

To Your Success, 
Deb Stowers
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