Check out the Book!

We are published!

Something you don’t hear very often. Our sister site,, published the first book of hopefully many.  We have been looking at a variety of ways to make money to support the horses. For just $5.99 you get a great book about how to choose your next horse. AND you help feed the horses at Sierra Ranch, LLC.  Just click the link below or the Kindle button on the sidebar.

To Your Success, 
Deb Stowers

Who Wants To Color?

FabricDesignCarsAs we go through life, we sometimes forget to have some fun. I have met some wonderful folks through several entrepreneur groups that have put the fun back in life.  Check out these cool coloring books for grown-ups.

Don’t you remember as a kid the fun you had coloring and how everything was better if you could just escape into coloring? It turns out that coloring helps your brain. There are books for women and men. Simple books and harder ones.

I recently had a friend beat several different kind of cancers. She posted the very detailed drawings she was coloring every day on Facebook.  MegamuscleIt was great therapy for her to have a creative outlet to pour her heart into so she could heal.

It also turns out that by coloring a bit each day you help keep your brain younger and active. So if you get tired or reading or other activities that work your brain, why not try coloring.

Click on the pictures here and you visit Amazon to check out the great deals. The top two are on sale right now. And don’t forget to order some great colored pencils or markers to do you coloring.

If you have any questions or need other ideas or have ideas on how to keep your brain active, contact me!

To Your Success, 
Deb Stowers



Are You Into Gardening or Making Money?

images (1)Spring is coming…can you feel it? Well, even if it’s still cold where you live, you can bet that consumers are already thinking about the spring purchases they’re going to make.

And HIGH on that list for hundreds of thousands of people isSTARTING A GARDEN!

About $30 BILLION is spent each year in the gardening niche, for gardening supplies, building raised beds, greenhouses, etc.

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Go check it out now and get ahead of that $30 BILLION consumer spending spree!

Need help setting it up? Contact me.

To Your Success,
Deb Stowers

Sell Authority Sites
Check out this great deal from a friend. Did you ever want to make money online by selling great authority sites? Then this is the deal for you. Click here and get this deal before Lisa takes it down.  She will take you through the whole process from beginning to end and get you making money in no time.

Lisa is someone you can count on to get you started right.  If you have more questions about this awesome produce, please contact me.

To Your Success,
Deb Stowers

A Year In Review…


Sierra Ranch front pasture.  Weeds killed and grass mowed. – June 2014

Today marks one year since I have become single again.  I never really thought much about where I would be at this point in the beginning.  I was too busy learning to live a life that I loved and with people that cared about me.

Now that the first year is behind me the “What to do next” bug has bitten.  I have been working on what comes next.  The first order of business what getting the horse herd to a manageable size.  I am still working on selling several of the horses.  If you are looking for a horse or a way to help the horses, then please check out the Sierra Ranch Herd Dispersal Sale.

I have started a side business and will be expanding some.  You can see the  Damsel In Defense site. (Update: Check out Stormy Orchid, LLC)  There is everything there to protect yourself and ideas on how to help others.  I have a demo kit and would love to have some parties to show off what cool products we have. Contact me and we will set something up.

Things I have learned in the last year?  Live the life you love.  Take the time to play and enjoy the people around you.  Let go of the negative folks around you.  I have lost some pretty good fur friends this last year and gained some new ones.  I have found that not all guys are scared by the fact that I shoot, am pretty good at it, and like purple guns. I know it seems I put lots of things up about having a positive attitude, but sometimes that is all you have.  I am blessed to be able to look at any situation and find the good.

Now to go work on my new project and get it ready to hit the streets soon.  Someone buy a horse so that I can get moving on this new venture.  It will be AMAZING!

To Your Success, 
Deb Stowers

Five Reasons I LOVE Marketing on the Internet

For day seven of the Post-a-Day Challenge with IM Rockstars.  And since it is for Internet Marketing Rockstars, I get to tell why I like marketing on the internet.

  1. I don’t have to talk to people.  Being an introvert makes selling in person a real challenge.  Constantly being witty and knowledgeable about your product is difficult.  I have done it, and am glad not to have to continue to do it.  Although, I did learn a lot from the real person selling.
  2. I can select the things I want to promote.  And choose things that help make the world better, hopefully.  Check out my renewable energy sites.  Yeah, I need to update them again.
  3. I can do all this on MY time frame.  As I learned over the last month, sometimes real life just gets in the way.  You have to adjust and continue.
  4. I can tie the IM efforts to things I do in real life.  I have a cat site and a neat dog site.  Now I need to build a horse site or add it on to what I am doing with the other horse sites.  (My friends have no idea how many websites I operate.)
  5. Eventually, all these sites properly promoted will create a significant residual income that will make it easier to retire.  And having time to have fun is probably the one of the more important things right now.

So if you are new to internet marketing, and want some tips on how to start check out the link at the top of this page, or contact me.  Internet marketing can be what you make of it.  Whether it promotes your business or sell your talents to folks all over the world.  It’s a great way to develop your skills. Contact me if you need help starting.

To Your Success,
Deb Stowers