A Little Update…

Life has presented me many opportunities the last few months and some have taken me away from this site.   I hope to begin keeping this up a bit more, but first a bit of an explanation of what has been happening.

Not posting much recentlyis kinda a two part problem. First and for most we have been working really hard at growing Rijas Services. Going to gun shows most weekends and spending other free time doing the necessary paperwork while still holding full time jobs has been challenging for both my husband and I. 

Second has been my health.  Nothing bad, just learned about a month ago that my thyroid was not producing enough hormone.  When that happens I don’t have the energy to do much of anything.  I had been basically slowing down since about January.  I went in for a check up and suggested a blood test, because just too many things were out of whack.  Luckily, I was right and the meds are working wonderfully.  I have even had the energy to mow parts of the yard with the push mower.  Something no long ago I would never have dreamed of doing.

We are starting to get more interest in the horses and it is quickly becoming evident that my hsband will be quitting his full time job soon to focus on the other two businesses.

I am way behind in reading my gmail account.  If you have emailed me there in the last several months I will not be reading it.  I had +96k emails.  I am up to May with 71K to go and not reading any while deleting.  As I get closer to the March range I will try to scan for important ones, but if you really need to get in touch with me you can find my information on the contact page.

I have a few projects that I will be posting on this and will try to make postings at least once a week.  I will be evaluating what programs I am in and will let you know if I decide to drop one.

Hope you have been having a profitable Spring!

To Your Success!!
Deborah Stowers

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Welcome to the Blog!

Here is where I will be adding new things to help folks with marekting and horses.  Other things might pop into my head my grace these pages also.  Hope you enjoy your visit and come back often.

Deborah Stowers