5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Business

Whether you’re just starting out with your business or you’ve had a business for many years, you’ll need to stay motivated if you’re going to see continual success. Everyone goes through a business slump occasionally, but it’s those who stay motivated who will reach their goals. Here are five simple ways you can stay motivated in your business.

1. Work from a List

Create a daily, weekly and even monthly list of things to do in your business. This sounds so simple, but yet a “to do” list is a powerful tool in helping you accomplish business tasks. Prioritize your list each day so you can do those things that are most important first. If you have tasks that you absolutely dread, then put those tasks at the very top of the list if possible. This will give you a free mind for the remainder of the day to concentrate on the tasks you enjoy.

A list can consist of many things, from promotion steps to phone calls to make, and even a stack of papers that must be organized on your desk. Most successful business people create a list and then check off items as they are completed. This gives a sense of accomplishment throughout the day as you complete tasks.

2. Search for New Opportunities during Slow Business Times

Having a slow time in your business? Don’t despair. And, whatever you do, don’t go apply for a job at the local fast food chain – just yet! Stay motivated by seeking out other business opportunities that may tie into your current business.

Perhaps you offer a product or service that sells very slowly during the spring months. You could seek out related products or services that would be popular during those months to offset the other in profits. This will give you a chance to make money and enjoy multiple streams of income year round!

3. Take an Online Training Course for Better Education

Educate yourself through online training courses related to your field so you can learn how to maximize your skills and profits. There are many training courses available online today in the fields of web design, graphic design, online marketing, real estate, travel, office skills, medical, insurance, and finance.

With online training, you choose only those courses that will benefit you and your work at home business. You can usually take the courses at your own leisure from home, and will pay far less than you would for a college course.

4. Expand Marketing Avenues

Don’t settle for less. Use the wisdom and experience of others who have been in business a while to expand your marketing avenues. You might consider reading after top marketers to get Internet marketing ideas. Also, there are many ways to promote your work at home business off-line.

To stay motivated, always test your efforts to see what results they bring. This is far more exciting than paying for ads and never knowing if they work or not!

5. Network with Others

Another way to stay motivated during a business slump is to network with others. Find others in related fields who can offer advice and encouragement about your business. A work at home business can be lonely at times because you never leave the house! Finding others online and off-line who do the same thing will give you an outlet for those lonely days.

Use these tips to stay motivated in your business. You deserve success, so don’t give up!

To Your Success,
Deb Stowers

7 Signs of an Entrepreneur

Do you have the right personality type to successfully run your own business?

It takes an entrepreneurial fire in your belly to start a business and make it succeed. Not everyone has it.

How do you know if you have what it takes to start a business? There’s really no way to know for sure. But I do find things in common among the emotional and family fabric of people ready to consider an entrepreneurial venture.

You don’t have to fit all seven of these categories to be a good candidate for entrepreneurship. But it probably wouldn’t hurt. In general, the more you have in common with these characteristics, the closer you probably are to being ready to try going out on your own.

1. You come from a line of people who couldn’t work for someone else. I don’t mean that in a negative way. People who are successful at establishing their own business tend to have had parents who worked for themselves. It’s usually easier to get a job with a company than to start your own business; people who strike out on their own often have the direct example of a parent to look to.

2.You’re a lousy employee. No need to sugar-coat this one. People who start their own businesses tend to have been fired from or quit more than one job. I’m not saying you were laid off for lack of work or moved from one job to a better-paying one. You were asked to leave, or you quit before they could fire you. Think of it as the marketplace telling you that the only person who can effectively motivate and manage you is yourself.

3.You see more than one definition of “job security.” I am truly envious of the few people I know who have stayed with one employer for 25 or 30 years. They look very secure. But how many people do you know who are able to stay with one company for that long? In a rapidly changing economy, job security can be frighteningly fleeting.

4. You’ve gone as far as you can go, or you’re not going anywhere at all. Sometimes the motivation to start a new venture comes from having reached the top of the pile where you are, looking around, and saying, “What’s next?” Early success can be wonderful, but early retirement can sometimes drive energetic and motivated people totally crazy.

5. You’ve done the market research already. Don’t even talk to me about your great business idea if you haven’t put the time into figuring out if there’s a market for your product or service. As the people behind any number of failed Internet ventures will tell you, “cool” doesn’t necessarily translate into “profitable.” Don’t bother building it if you haven’t figured out whether there’s a good chance the customers will come.

6. You’ve got the support of your family. Starting a business is stressful under the best of circumstances. Trying to do it without the support of your spouse or other significant family members or friends would probably be unbearable.

7. You know you cannot do it alone. You might excel at promoting a business. Maybe you love running the financial end of the enterprise. You could be someone who starts a business because you have unique creative or technical know-how to create a product.

Any of the above is possible, but it’s unlikely that you are going to excel at all of these tasks — or at all of the tasks involved in running any business. Forget all that doing it alone stuff. You are going to need some help sometime.

The willingness to get that help — having employees, partners or consultants for those areas in which you are not an expert — is one indicator of likely future success. “No successful entrepreneur has ever succeeded alone,” development consultant Ernesto Sirolli writes in “Ripples From the Zambezi.” “The person who is most capable of enlisting the support of others is the most likely to succeed.”

To Your Success,
Deb Stowers

New Beginnings

Me on my 51st birthday.  By Dalia Hibbs

Me on my 51st birthday. By Dalia Hibbs

Well, I took a break for a bit to get some things in order in my life.  And yes that has lead to some new beginnings.  As you may notice on the horse websites I have removed Rick from the contact pages.  As of July 23, 2013 we are divorced.  Yes, it was quick, but it was necessary.

As I move forward, I will have more time to focus on the horses, learning to ride my Harley, and of course this site as well as others.  I already have a consulting job lined up on the engineering side.  I will be looking for more local businesses to work with.  This will start slow at first as I am getting my bearings, adjusting to taking care of the ranch, and yes, dating.

I have been doing some behind the scene things.  This is a picture on July, 15, 2013.  The cheerful glow is knowing that things are getting much better.  Dalia brought me flowers and took this wonderful picture.  I also had some head shots and other poses taken for the web sites.  I should get them soon and will be updating some things.

So come along for the ride down this new path.  I have joined the IM Rockstar Post-a-Day Challenge so you will be getting more posts as this challenge continues.  If you would like to join me in the IM Rockstar Facebook Group and get lots of great support from our group leader Lisa Gergets and other members let me know and I will hook you up.

To Your Success,
Deb Stowers

How To Research A Niche Market

Finding a Targeted Niche - Magnifying GlassGetting people to your website is a very important skill. It’s not just about writing content and generating a buzz around it, although those are important skills too.

If you area small business then you have your niche figured out.  If you are wanting to start something on the web or grow what you are currently doing then keep reading and find our how to grow in your niche.

The work begins way before you start writing on your site, as you need to find the perfect niche – the subject of your website. Niche research is about finding profitable subjects that are broad enough to write enough content about, yet narrow enough for you to become an authority on the topic.

A great way to establish the popularity of a niche market is to use the Google AdWords keyword tool. Simply type in the name of the niche and you will see the number of searches performed each month, along with lots of related keywords.

If you sign in to the tool, you will also see the average price you would expect to pay to advertise on the front page of Google for each term. This should give you a feel for how much money there is to be made in the niche you have chosen to research.

There are a number of ways to find out how much competition you will face if you launch a site in a particular niche market. For a very quick and broad estimation, simply search for the niche name in speech marks in Google.

The higher the number of results returned, the more competition is out there. Of course, this doesn’t give you much insight into the quality of the competition, just the quantity.

To get a more reliable indication of how tough a keyword will be to rank for in search results, there are free tools to download, popular ones include Market Samurai and Traffic Travis. These will analyze things like how many inbound links are pointing to sites already ranking for the niche terms.

This gives a far more accurate picture of competition, but can take a while to fully research.

By doing your niche research properly, you will save time and effort. Focusing on the wrong markets will usually result in poor results, namely profit. When you find a niche market with plenty of search volume, good advertiser spend and relatively low competition, you have truly found your niche.

To Your Success,
Deb Stowers

How To Stay Focused In Your Home Business

Focus-On-Your-Dreams-300x236Working from home takes a lot of self discipline. It is important if you are going to be working from your home and running the business yourself that you understand how to stay focused with your home business.

One of the first things that will help you to stay focused is making sure that each day you sit aside a period of time to work.  When you don’t have a regular job to go to from 9 to 5 it can be difficult not to procrastinate.  You might find that you tell yourself that you will get to it later and then later comes and you still haven’t accomplished what you needed to for the day.

The next thing you need to do is remind yourself that it is still a job. This will help keep your focused on the fact that even though you work from home it is still your source of income and in most cases people need their source of income to get by financially.  So if you remind yourself of this you will be able to realize that you have to get things accomplished.

These are only a few of the many different tips you can use to stay focused with your home business.  You might find that some days are easier than others when it comes to focusing.  At times you might have to just step back take a break and then come back to what you were doing so that you have a fresh new outlook on the situation.

No matter what the situation is you have set your sights on your home business and you should remind yourself of this when the going gets tough so that you don’t end up just throwing your hands up and then regretting it later down the road.

I know how hard this is as I have the same focus problem when I work from home.  I was discussing this with my husband and found he had the same issues.  We are trying some new techniques and hope to get better at this.  Let us know what you have done to create a better environment to work from home.  Leave a comment or send an email.

To Your Success,
Deb Stowers


Benefits Of Private Label Rights Products

cover-250 (1)If you have a business, then you might want to  consider purchasing some of the many private label rights products.

What exactly are they? Well, they are simply finished articles or books which entitles you of ownership and full rights upon purchase.

Some of the most common PLR products that you can buy over the web are blog posts or articles written by freelance writers. Moreover, the benefits of private label rights products can optimize the income flow of your business.

How PLR Products Can Benefit You

By purchasing PLR products such as articles from freelance writers , you can make the most out of your business.

How would that be? By making use of PLR articles or blog posts, you can generate more traffic to your website. As mentioned earlier, ownership and full rights are entitled to you upon purchase of PLR products.

That said, you can do whatever you want to do with the ones that you buy online. You can edit the articles and turn them into backlink articles that would lead to your business’s web page by posting them on popular marketing blog sites.

PLR Articles for SEO

Aside from backlinking, you can make use of PLR articles for search engine optimization.

By simply doing some revisions to the original contents and turning them into keyword rich SEO articles, there are higher chances that you can have your online business be among the top results of the most popular search engines these days such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

What’s more? The PLR articles are actually recyclable and you can make multiple unique SEO articles out of them through article spinning. PLR articles don’t really cost much, yet you can get more than what you pay for them with all the benefits they can give to your business.

Aside from articles, PLR products come in different types such as autoresponders, e-books and reports. Nevertheless, traffic generation is an assurance that any type of PLR product can give you for your online business.

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