More Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site

Yesterday we covered five different ways to get traffic to your site.  Today here are five more ways.

Post consistently

When you post on you site consistently, it will lead to more people seeing the content that you make.  It doesn’t have to be daily, just consistently.  On one of our sites we post monthly to letting people know where we will be.  In addition you need to add information that is useful.

Current events

Don’t hesitate from posting about current events as this is what people will be searching for on a daily basis.  This information can be posted to Twitter or your blog.  Again, useful information keeps people coming back for more.

Get back links

Network with a lot of people and try to have them post links to your site to gain some traffic.  Adding information that people will want to link to adds  more traffic to your site.  In addition, add links to others site and helps them as well as you.

Offline promotion

Simply asking your friends and people you meet to visit your website is often an overlooked strategy.  This is where it’s nice to have your site on your business cards and other marketing materials.  You site is always open and available to provide information to your customers.

Include URL in signature

When you post on forums or in emails, it is a good idea to post your URL in your signature so that they will be sent to your site.

Try these quick ways to get traffic to your site and you will certainly see a big difference.  Again if you need help with any of these please contact me and I will be glad to help you get started.

To Your Success,

Deb Stowers

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